A Team Starts With an Individual

Corporations are composed of hundreds, even thousands of teams. And while we all know leaders are essential to group success, extraordinary results can only be achieved with extraordinary leaders.

Steve Brown Consulting is 100% committed to the success of corporate executives. No matter what phase or transition your enterprise is experiencing, execution can be a daunting task full of challenges: emotional ups and downs, team impacts, potential wrong turns, politics, stress, and eventually joy. I specialize in helping human resource teams and executives grow and thrive as inevitable change occurs.

A coach to exceptional people who want to achieve extraordinary results

My passion is about developing exceptional leaders because leaders are the key leverage point for both employee engagement and business results. I have helped deliver game-changing development at all levels including the “C Suite”. I bring 40 years experience as a leader in business both in the corporate world as well as an entrepreneur. I have delivered more than 3,000 hours of professional coaching backed by a BS in Business Administration and a Masters in Psychology.

Stephen Brown

The last 6 months have been a blur and I owe you thanks.  July 1st I was given an opportunity at a new role on my team.  I took it and couldn’t be happier.  The advice and skills you taught me was extremely valuable in navigating this situation.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Executive Coaching

Coaching is about moving forward and change. Usually coaching is in response to a goal, like taking on a significantly more complex leadership challenge, balancing work and family life, achieving an extraordinary career objective, or even addressing bad news on a performance review. Learn more…

Team Leadership

Talent Development

Companies that place significant emphasis on talent development consistently outperform those who don’t. However, for many organizations designing the program and building it out is an expensive role to have permanently on staff. Steve has almost 20 years of experience in building both talent assessment and talent development functions that get results in a way that is sustainable and affordable. Learn more…

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